the love collect

So excited to be introducing some of my friends who quit the corporate world to pursue their side hustles. This week starting with Joyce, the architect turned calligrapher. Joyce is a talented and ambitious entrepreneur. At her time in the corporate world, she felt unfulfilled and the only thing that made her happy was practicing calligraphy. Calligraphy allowed her to express her real self - a true artist sharing her vision and designs through her work. You can see for yourself! Once you open her IG page, you will get lost in it.


Joyce started #thelovecollect, a beautiful line of necklaces and bracelets celebrating love and support. This jewelry line was made with hours and hours of precision. From 2D hand-drawn letters, to the 3D modeling software. Joyce printed the prototypes with her resin 3D printer and casted the pendants into silver and gold. This type of detail cannot be achieved through traditional means of jewelry craftsmanship, which is usually done by hand. The pendants are small, which makes this type of detail hard to achieve!


I love how dainty and unique these bracelets are, they make perfect customized gifts! Head over to the shop and find your letter here!


Interested in #thelovecollect jewelry, calligraphy workshops, wedding cards, or just pure inspiration, be sure to check out Joyce’s instagram and site!

start the year right

Can’t believe it’s 2019! What happened to 2018? I always look back and think I really should’ve done more. Sometimes you forget to appreciate and give yourself credit for the things you accomplished and only focus on what you didn’t do. Do you ever do that? I found this pretty nifty print out from designlovefest that is a good way to reflect on your successes and opportunities (find download link below). Well, let’s try to start the year on a positive note. For me, 2018 was about finding my place (physically and emotionally), and enjoying life by eating and traveling well. I think 2019 will be continuing to eat, travel and spend time with friends and family, but most importantly putting things in action and not just in motion (more on this later). Some quick goals I wrote in this post here.


top - aritzia | jeans - jbrand | shoes - sam edelman | watch - daniel wellington


successes & opportunities…

print this out and tape it to your table

(click below to download!)


This week, I got to ride in style in the Lexus LC500.

Yes.. It’s the car in Black Panther during that crazy car chase, and yes.. it is beautiful.


It has the smooth and luxurious handling of a Lexus, detailed hand-stitched leather interior, and the power of a panther with a 10-speed transmission. To be frank, it’s quite difficult to take advantage of the speed in LA traffic, but we were able to take it on a mini road trip and drove along the southern coast away from the fires.


Photographs by Jon Shih | Vibrvncy

in partnership with @lexususa
#lexustestdrive #lexuslc

Thanks Lexus for the test drive!

Follow Your Gut

I recently did a campaign for Health Ade Kombucha, and got to try out this infamous hipster drink that you see girls in their sports bras drinking on their insta. I was skeptical at first, but I must say… I was sold after I drank the first one. I’ve always had digestion problems, and drinking even half of a bottle each day really helped my digestive system work.

Which made me more excited to shoot this campaign. I had a lot of fun building this picnic set and now have turned into one of those (but not so fit) girls on insta promoting Kombucha. Check it out if you still haven’t tried it and have problems digesting like me! #followyourgut

My favorite flavors are Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger, Pomegranate, and Bubbly Rose.


It's Time

You know every year when you're like... "Wow where has the time gone? It's almost New Years again!" Yup, it's that time of the year, where you feel like you haven't gotten anything done these past 8 months. If you don't think that, I'm very envious. For those who do feel the same way as me, it's time to get up off your ass and start hitting those 2018 goals before you make new ones!