beginnings of a sustainable lifestyle

When I was in Hong Kong, I went to a sustainability talk that changed my whole outlook on being environmentally friendly. What is being eco-friendly? Before the talk, I thought I was pretty eco-friendly. Growing up in an Asian household, we have general rules like turn off the lights as soon as you walk out the room, or don’t waste food and don’t take more than you need. But there were so many things I didn’t realize, for example did you know that every time you buy a coffee, those paper cups are non-recyclable? All because of the layer of plastic coating on the inside to make them waterproof. So the cups go straight into landfill. I had no idea… wow.

The more I travel, the more I see how we are causing a huge detrimental effect on our environment. Our animal population have decreased tremendously in our jungles, and our fish and sea turtles are choking on plastic. Deforestation is causing our climate to change and over half of the world’s forests have disappeared due to urbanization, farming and the need for timber. Watch Our Planet on Netflix. Sir David Attenborough can show you more in a lovely British accent.


I’ve started to be more aware of what I’m buying, and where I can save plastic by bringing my own coffee cup to Starbucks, bringing my own container to get take out, refuse plastic utensils, and stopped taking plastic produce bags at the grocery store. I haven’t gone to the extent of a zero waste lifestyle, but hopefully cutting down the amount of plastic in my life will help. I think the most important thing is education. Educating companies and individuals to also try to more eco-friendly. Stop taking 100 napkins at Starbucks, and only take what you need. Bring a foldable container if you know you always have leftovers from a restaurant.

So here’s to starting a new chapter in my life on saving the planet one small step at a time. I’ve included a few links below of some of my favorite coffee tumblers and food containers just to get started on something small. Are you with me?

UK supermarkets generate 800,000 tonnes of plastic each year. A truckload of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute. Let's make sure the ocean of the future is filled with fish, not plastic. Tell supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging -

Life Priority List

Make a list of what’s important in your life. Mine would probably contain family, boyfriend, friends, travel, career, sleep, health and food. Now separately, draw a circle and start pie charting these priorities. How big would your career slice be? How big would your family slice be? How about your boyfriend or girlfriend? How about your friends, the environment, money, sports or fashion?

Prioritizing your life is a super difficult task. When you look at your typical 24 hours a day, how much of your top priorities are in it?


These past 3 weeks, I was given the opportunity to go on a business trip back home to Hong Kong. I was so fortunate to be able to spend my weekends with my parents, my sisters and their families. This trip was quite meaningful to me, as I got to spend more time chatting with them about life, interests, passions and priorities. I usually go back for Christmas every year, but it’s so hectic we don’t actually get much quality time. I’ve always had family as a huge slice of pie in my chart, but it’s easy to de-prioritize when you live far away and go on about your robotic day of wake up, go to work, eat your meals, go to sleep. As you get older, you realize that these priorities are what makes you happy. Not to say that we should be upset by our daily routines, but to use this pie chart and reflect on our lives. Each day goes by so quickly and its a matter of time when your priorities change again.


There are different seasons throughout our lives, and our priorities change with them. When you’re younger, you may be more career driven, and when you have kids, they may take up 90% of your life. We can’t do everything all at once, and you can’t always reach your goals overnight. If we look at life in pie charts and change our goals throughout the seasons, we can make it more meaningful and fulfilling to the priorities that you want to give your time to. We all want a balanced lifestyle and we can try a little harder in giving time to what matters to us the most.




Home sweet home! These streets never get old. I used to walk this area all the time - from Pottinger Street, to the wet markets, to Soho and to the street food stalls. I feel like a tourist every time I visit. but one thing I do not miss is this humidity! Shop the outfit below!


j u n g l e

My trip to Africa was… A-Amazing! One place checked off my bucket list, and I can’t wait to go back already. I took over 3000 photos within 10 days, and I’ve been back for 3 weeks and still haven’t finished sifting through them. The food was great, the people were very warm and welcoming, and most importantly, the animal sitings were breath-taking. It was like watching Planet Earth in real life and all I wanted was David Attenborough to tell me what the animals were doing! I will have some animal photos to bombard you with soon, but in the meantime, I just wanted to share my very appropriate jungle themed shirt that I brought to Africa. The weather was very difficult to figure out - so cold in the mornings and nights, so hot and humid in the afternoons.


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Top - Scotch and Soda | Pants - Aritzia | Sandals - Aldo


I’m excited to introduce to you The Lèi, founded by my wonderful friend Tiffany. In 2017, she quit her job as a food magazine editor and decided to take some time off to travel around the world. She traveled from New Zealand to Morocco and was inspired by the happiness she found through living a slow and simple life.

In Marrakech, she met a shoemaker who hand-made a beautiful pair of slides for her, which sparked a business idea. So she decided to stay in the city for another 3 months to make 100 pairs of slides. A month later, Tiffany launched The Lei of slow fashion, each collection telling a story about the place that inspires it and made by people she met there.

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My favorite part of The Lei is their philosophy: “Our philosophy challenges the idea that we must always be doing for the sake of doing. It encourages slowing down, simplifying, stopping even-- and when we are "doing," we do everything deliberately and authentically.” If you follow my blog, you know that I’m often saying how much we need to slow down and pay attention to the present.


You really can’t go wrong with any of the slides from The Lei. I own a suede and a leather pair, and they are both so comfortable I wear them every weekend almost to every occasion! These neutral colors go with so many outfit, especially if you want to be casual yet classy and stylish.


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