How to Please Your Man's Wrist

Gifting season is here and every year I struggle to find something great for the men in my life - dad, boyfriend, brother-in-laws... This year, we partnered up with JORD to share with you the perfect gift - this unique, badass, and beautifully crafted JORD wooden watch. I gifted this watch to my boyfriend, but I'm thinking of getting one for myself or maybe I'll just borrow it from him from time to time :) Enter our giveaway to get yourself a free $25 gift card here! Happy gifting!


Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift card here!

The Hustler

Look 2 of our Alter Ego series - The Hustler. I had so much fun channeling my inner BadGalRiRi, and pretending I was in one of her music videos. I'm definitely sending these photos to that audition. It was my first time wearing a septum ring, which Gina warned me that it feels like a booger stuck on your nostrils constantly. Man... I couldn't stop fidgeting with it, and itching my nose. 

Again, big ups to this team of creatives - who pulled this look together in 15 minutes. We were very short on time but managed to get a handful of amazing looks. Look out for number 3 soon!


Photographer - FENG
Videographer - Jon Shih
Stylist - Ariana Armendariz
Hair - Gina Atkinson
Makeup - Joshua Masuda


Suede is seasonless. Lucky me, being in Cali it hardly rains and almost all my boots are suede. I was super excited to rock this suede jacket when the weather teased us with one day of 65F, and then summer decided to come back with a 90F. It's time for another 2 months of holidays and traveling - so will definitely put this bad boy into use!


Photographer: JUSTFENG
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Velvet Accents

Velvet is not only back in fashion, but also back in interior design. Velvet can be sported in so many colors and styled in so many moods. It reminds me of my grandma's place, or when I visit my great Aunt's house. There's something cozy about velvet. Is it because it feels nostalgic or is it actually the style itself? Here's 7 picks of some of my favorite in home velvet accents. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Election Day

It's November 8th. The day we've been dreading.
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Photographer: FENG
coat - Forever21 | boots - H&M | shirt - cotton on | choker - Fifth Label

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In Motion

photographer: FENG
styling: Courtney Yeh
top - Forever 21 | pants - TopShop | watch - Gemorie

The Widow

It's that time of year to play dress up again. I am always so last minute about my Halloween costume.. We're 4 days away and I'm still not sure what to be! In honor of Halloween, I'm excited to share with you the first of our Alter Ego series. This series could not have been possible without this amazing team. They are my favorite friends to work with! Feng - Photographer, Jon - Videographer, Ariana - Stylist, Gina - Hair, Josh - Makeup. These guys are top notch and the top of their industries. I absolutely LOVE working with them. I hope you like this series in which I call The Widow. If you haven't figured out your Halloween costume yet, I hope this sparks some creativity! 

Photographer - FENG
Videographer - Jon Shih
Stylist - Ariana Armendariz
Hair - Gina Atkinson
Makeup - Joshua Masuda

Jewelry - LUVAJ
Dress - Fashion Forwards
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik

Autumn Edits

When the weather starts getting a little nippy - and I mean when LA is a little under 100 - it means it's time for sweater dresses and cute booties.

photographer: FENG
styling: Courtney Yeh
dress - Forever21 | boots - Topshop | bag - Sole Society | Necklace - Gemorie


My parents went to DC last weekend for the first time, and I decided to tag along. Though the first day poured cats and dogs, the sun came out the next day when we were taking a walking tour of the National Mall. After living in LA, you sometimes forget how to walk so it was a really nice change of pace. My dad also helped me take some photos of my outfit.. Thanks Dad! :)

photo by dad

photo by dad

photographer: Courtney Yeh
Sweater - Madewell | Sunglasses - UO | Jacket - Fifth Label | Boots - Asos