My parents were going to DC for the weekend for the first time, and decided to tag along. Though the first day poured cats and dogs, the sun immediately came out the next day when we were taking a walking tour of the National Mall. After living in LA, you sometimes forget how to walk so it was a really nice change of pace. My dad also helped me take some photos of my outfit.. Thanks Dad! :)

photo by dad

photo by dad

photographer: Courtney Yeh
Sweater - Madewell | Sunglasses - UO | Jacket - Fifth Label | Boots - Asos


It's always a fun shoot with Alyssa Bernal. She's not afraid to be weird and try new looks. She held a pose for 10 minutes straight until we got the right light streak across the photograph (the one below). We played with many different colors, lights, fabrics and looks. Watch out for her new album dropping soon! But in the meantime, you can check out her music here or watch her covers and originals here.

Day Off

Just found the most comfortable overalls to wear on my days off. 
photographer: FENG
overalls - UO | sunglasses - UO | flip flops - Havaianas

How to be a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. I'm the type of person that sets 5 different alarms and wakes up after an hour of snoozing. Recently, I've been practicing these few things that have been helping me wake up early and start my day on a good note.

1. Leave yourself no choice.
Put your alarm far away from the bed, so when it rings, you have to literally get out of bed to turn it off. Drink lots of water before going to bed, so the urgency to use the restroom is more dire. Then you'll really have a harder time going back into bed and falling asleep again. 

2. Open the Blinds.
Get rid of those black out curtains and let the natural sunlight seep through the shades. It's the best way to get up!

3. Turn on some music.
I love music in the morning. Try queueing up a calm and happy playlist for the morning and get yourself excited to get ready for the day!

4. Set a goal.
A small goal could be making the bed everyday. After your bed is made, you tend not to want to get back in. 

5. Set a bigger goal.
Schedule a fitness class. Most fitness studios don't allow you to cancel your appointment an hour before. By signing up for a class in the early morning, you obligate yourself to get dressed and walk out the door. Make sure you pack all your bags the night before so you're not rushing out of the house!

6. Get enough sleep.
This is probably the most important. I don't know about you but if I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep, it is SO hard to get up in the morning. I can snooze for 2 hours and not even know it. As you ease yourself into getting up earlier, make sure you adjust your sleep time to turning in earlier as well.

7. Repeat. 
Do this 30 times and your body will automatically want to get up early. You might be asking, what about the weekends? Sleeping in late (but not too late) on the weekends won't mess with your sleep cycle. Definitely let your body sleep an extra 30 minutes, but the goal is to get you excited about the mornings!

Those are my goals for becoming a morning person. I am not there yet and I still struggle with my alarms and getting enough sleep. But I will get there and so will you!


Alright friends! I'm finally posting the second part of the Taya series! I wanted to thank my group of amazing artists for coming and helping me with this shoot. This was the first time I organized and directed a whole crew of 6 (which is pretty small I think). It was great that everyone was proactive and owned their priorities with confidence. That's why we're coming together to do another shoot soon!

And of course thanks Taya for agreeing to shoot with me :) She's now busy shooting a TV show in Thailand. Funny story, we met at a fashion launch party in West Hollywood. I creepily walked up to her (like a sleezy dude trying to get some digits from a girl at a bar) and asked her why she looked so familiar. After 15 minutes of chatting, we then realized we had many mutual friends and I had seen her posing alongside them on the gram. And then this photoshoot happened :) haha. Sorry that story sounded so creepy. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this series.

Photographer/Direction: Courtney Yeh
Model: Taya Rogers
Photo Assistant: Jonathan Shih
Hair: Yuichi Ishida
Makeup: Josh Masuda
Stylist: Ariana Armendariz

10 Things to Match Pumpkin Spice

Take a good hard sniff of the air... aahh yes, you know fall is here when every girl at Starbucks is asking for a PSL. Not only are we excited about that pumpkin spice, but we're excited about...

cozy grandpa sweaters
trendy booties - maybe with a funky heel or that faux croc skin
anything burgundy
all things dark olive & camel
velvet statement bag
oversized plaids inspired by the men
oversized knits
oversized everything
leather up for grunge
camel duster coats

Unfortunately for us Californians, we are still suffering from that 86F weather.. so maybe I'll get to this wish list in December.. just maybe..

photographer: FENG
styling: Courtney Yeh
Top - Asos | Skirt - Warehouse | Sandals - Steve Madden
Necklace - Madewell | Watch - Nixon


So much has happened in the last few weeks! If you follow me on instagram,  you saw that I was in NY for labor day weekend with my friends at a lake house. Last Sunday we went to the Creative Arts Emmys. Feng and his crew (Quest Crew) got nominated for Outstanding Choreography. and THEY WON! The last thing I can think about is what to wear to work and out on the weekends. That's why I love tshirt dresses, I can slip them on, and know that I'm dressed up enough for work and for any spontaneous happy hour, or brunch. No need to match a top and a bottom, just easy.. and breezy ;)

Photographer: FENG
Styling: Courtney Yeh
Dress - VILA/Asos | Watch - Nixon | Sunglasses - Westward Leaning | Sandals - MK 

Pretty in Pink

I own one thing in pink... and it's the lid to my coffee tumbler. I was never a big fan of pink, maybe because it feels very feminine, and I'm a black, white and grey kind of girl. Lately I've been seeing a lot of pink on my Pinterest feed, so I wanted to bring some color onto the blog, and share some interiors that will make you (as Refinery called it) rethink pink!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

red white blue

I'll be spending my labor day weekend at a lake house in upstate New York with some close friends and their family. This will be my first time "celebrating" labor day. How American of me! :) So why not celebrate with a red white and blue post!.. JK it was not intentional... Though we're only going for 3 days, I'm super excited to travel out of LA and get some lake action into my water sports repertoire. Yay to these American holidays! 

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Photographer: Jonathan Shih / Vibrvncy
Styling: Courtney Yeh
top - topshop | tank - club monaco | pants - c/meo collective | sunglasses - steven alan


This is Flo. We met in Hong Kong when we were 14 years old while we were dancing and singing for a non-profit musical performance. Our lives never crossed paths after that, since we went to different high schools and different colleges. A few months ago, I got an Instagram DM saying she was in LA! We decided that we had to meet up and do a shoot together! Here it is! :)

Photographer: Courtney Yeh
Model: Florence Tsai