Fashionably Professional

Last weekend was jam packed with activities. On Saturday, my friend Jon and I worked on two video shoots. I was super excited because it's been awhile since I've 1) shot a dance video and 2) worked with Jon. 

I decided to go with all black, with my textured longline jacket from Asos. It's easier to hide from the camera in all black just in case you're working with mirrors and bright lights. The jacket was perfect for the weather. It's not wintery cold right now but definitely breezy enough to layer. 
I paired it with my Top Shop waxed jeans and zebra shoes to give my outfit some personality. It is also imperative to be comfortable as video shoots usually go on for hours. :) As the videographer, we end up having to get into weird positions to get the perfect shots. 
While whipping out my sunglasses, I accidentally tugged on it too hard and broke the side!! :( It was a happy accident since it made me feel more badass - like morpheus from the Matrix hahaha but not really.
So excited to see the dance videos come to life!! I really enjoyed both shoots.. will showcase them when they're done!

photos by justfeng
Jacket - Asos
Shoes - TopShop (similar here)