Welcome to HEY YEH!

Hello and welcome to Hey Yeh! A lifestyle blog written by us three, the Yeh sisters from Hong Kong.  We love to share our passions including fashion, food, photography, dance and culture!
Hey Yeh has taken a small makeover and is now new and improved. Maybe we can start out with some introductions.

Hi! I'm Courtney, raised in Hong Kong, youngest of three, and currently residing in Los Angeles. A month before graduating college in the blizzards of New York, I decided (on an impulse) to move to sunny California to be closer to the arts and entertainment. Erin (my older sis) and I both work for Sony Pictures Entertainment selling movies globally. But the cool thing is... We're in the same department half way across the world. :) 
I started this blog back in college as a place where I can share my daily happenings with my family. Then it grew to become a blog where my friends enjoyed it when I posted about interesting finds of fashion, art, photography and design.  
LOVE to dance - mostly hip-hop and contemporary, sometimes a little African and a little Tap. I love the camera, whether it be photographs, videos, Polaroids, or even choosing filters on Instagram. I probably have around 15 different photo apps on my phone... I also really enjoy graphic design and continue to freelance part-time as a designer and artist.

Hi! I'm Erin, the middle sister (I'd like to point out that I somehow did not get middle child syndrome). I was born and raised in Hong Kong, followed by a brief stint of six years in Boston and New York, but ultimately deciding to make my way back home to be closer to the family. Yup, as Court said,  I also work at Sony Pictures and very much enjoy sharing Hollywood films  across Asia.
Hey Yeh was originally Courtney's blog, she later invited Trisha and I to join since both of us share her passion and appreciation for design and art.  Courtney felt that we could contribute interesting pieces of happenings on the other side of the world.  Among other things, I like to photograph culture, particularly images that capture the daily lives of people, the little things we walk by everyday that go unnoticed, and especially the quickly disappearing old architecture and details on the streets that make Hong Kong quintessentially Hong Kong.  On a side note, Courtney and I just became aunties a year ago to a ridiculously cute and beautiful niece, and my camera seems to have turned its focus to her... so, drop by and check her out ;)
I’m Trisha, the eldest of the Hey Yeh sisters, and I’ve been invited as a “guest blogger” to contribute occasionally to the blog. Though I did grow up with the Internet, I wouldn’t consider myself the most Internet savvy individual, so my experience with blogging is pretty much very limited to none… or maybe I’m just an old soul ;) Perhaps “guest blogger” was just a nice way for Courtney to say that I’m actually on a trial basis here. Haha :)
I’m a freelance writer based in Hong Kong, and do copywriting and translation work for a variety of clients, mostly in the fashion and lifestyle areas. I was a studio art major in college, so I love art, design, and photography, though I feel that all my photographic work of late consists mostly of iPhone snaps of my 1-year-old daughter, Madison. I look forward to exploring the world of blogging through this platform that Courtney has set up and rediscovering my creative side! 

Welcome to our little corner on the internet, made not only to stay close, but to share the things we love from two very different cities.

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