secrets in my bags

 rabeanco brown bag
1. kate spade gold long wallet 
2. st. ives elastic hand cream 
3. fresh sugar rose lipstick
4. muji unlined notebook
5. pom antioxidant peach white tea
6. ipad
7. iphone with cardholder
8. keys with usb, angry bird keys

add some sugar to the lips
and a drink to keep energized

 log on hong kong brown backpack
1. panasonic lumix FZ100
2. lion king water bottle
3. hand cream
4. creative recreations high tops
5. blistex chapstick
6. iphone w/ ID
7. wallet
8. keys

sneakers are essential for dance practice
the camera is for recording awesome ideas
capturing the hilarious moments
remembering steps


cotton on messenger bag
1. gaiam yoga mat
2. ballet shoes
3. lavender & flaxseeds eye pillow
4. hand cream
5. water
6. chapstick
7. iphone
8. keys
9. gluten and wheat-free granola bar

every tuesdays and thursdays
i go to yoga and ballet class
the eye pillow is for shavasana
the snack is for in between classes