I had the opportunity to work with these amazing, goofy, energetic and dope dancers on Feng's newest dance video! I haven't danced in awhile and I'm so grateful that Feng asked me to be apart of this project! It was SOO much fun being around these pros, who can pick up choreo in super speed! We literally learned this dance in two days and shot the dance right after the second practice. I'm not going to lie, I practiced a lot at home so I can look kinda decent next to these guys. :)

You seriously can't watch this video without smiling! But you gotta watch it all the way to the end. Enjoy!!!

JUSTFENG | Chromeo "Jealous" from justfeng on Vimeo.

Director/Choreographer: Feng
Ft: D-Trix
Filmed by: Jon | Nick | Jerel