Gift Ideas for Men

Sooo... It was our two year anniversary the other day and.. I totally forgot!!! I know... I'm such a bad girlfriend :( So I spent a good portion of my day yesterday looking at affordable gift ideas for men and found some pretty awesome stuff! It only took me a long time because I get side tracked and start clicking into things that I want! Tell me I'm not alone on that one. I love gift giving! I love finding presents and then packaging it with cute kraft paper and string. I often end up spending way more for others than I ever would on myself.

Now I can't exactly tell you what I decided to go with because if he reads this, then there'd be no surprise! But let's just say it's none of these... So I'll update you guys after he receives the present. :)

How about a lovely shower kit from Aesop?
Does your man have a beard?
Most guys (that I know) don't usually splurge on nice bath/grooming products but appreciate it if given to them. My colleagues and I had a conversation about guys and their scented products. Most guys will go for the manly man scents like Axe, Old Spice or Dove for Men, but then they really love the girly and fruity smelling shampoo that they got a whiff of from their girlfriends and won't be afraid to use it once or twice!

Does he need a new thin, leather wallet?
How bout a sophisticated manly watch?

1. from designlovefest
2. from scoutmob
3. from  commonplace
4. from mvmt

Let me know if you need more ideas! I'd be happy to help :)