Are YOU Coachella ready?

Who's going to Coachella?!?!! Week 1or 2? Or both? Who are you excited to see?!?! If you're not going.. Are you going to stream any of the performances live? It'll be our first time going this year (week 2)!! When I say "our", I mean Erin, me and some of our friends and cousins. 

For those of you who ARE going.. Have you packed and planned your outfits? Have you activated your wristbands and downloaded the app to your phone?

Here are a few things we came up with to add to your checklist!

When I travel or go to all-day events, I often try to avoid bringing my favorite items. This way, if you do lose a cheap pair of sunglasses, you won't be too upset with yourself! Pair your outfit with some comfy danceable sandals, a nice layer of bracelets, and a hands-free bag. 

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all photos taken from pinterest