East Meets West Meets East

Erin and Court's adventure part TWO! You can see part one here!
I noticed a lot more detail this time around trekking along Hollywood Road and hitting all my favorite Soho stores and passing by cute bars. I think it was because I was holding a new camera and wanted to keep snapping everything.
I absolutely love this photo - a great mix of both Western and Eastern style with a red door handle, a swing bench and a very interesting collection of men. Was this bar always there?
My turn!
While trying to find a snack, we found this amazing door! I couldn't get over how random but awesome it is!

Loving my new "sister" ring from The9thMuse by Alex Mika!
We got too hungry and had to stop at the first coffee shop we saw.
It's rare to see blue skies in Hong Kong, but the pollution wasn't too bad that day! Got to snap a lovely sunset photo from the highway on our way home.