Happy Labor Day!

It's a good day for...
It was sooo hot and humid this weekend in LA, hitting 97F on Friday. It's supposed to get worse this week and continue in the 90s! So I figured, what a great time to bust out some comfy overalls and eat some ice-cream! I found these overalls in a random store on Melrose. I love how it's super light weight and not made of jeans material! 

As for the ice-cream, it's actually gelato. My good friend introduced Talenti to me when she came to visit and that's the only kind I consistently get now. Have you ever tried Talenti? If not... YOU SHOULD! I got all my friends hooked! You can get it at almost every grocery store - Ralphs, Whole Foods, Target... If you don't know which one to start with, try the Caramel Cookie Crunch (to die for!)!!!
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