3 girls 3 things

Hey everyone! So we decided to start this column called 3 girls 3 things because we always find neat links but never know where to share it! I hope you like it and feel free to give us some feedback on what you’d like us to share :)

Louis CK on the difference between boys and girls. 
With #2 arriving in 2 weeks, I guess I have a lot to look forward to with 2 girls in the house!
Warning: There's some swearing in this clip

My boyfriend and I have been seeking DIY projects after our first one - sprucing up an original-style Hong Kong mailbox. (photos to come) I needed some more inspiration on what to do next and I stumbled on this one.  I don't have a laundry bag stand around, but this project really made me think about what I could do with some old /somewhat broken household items before I toss them.  Check it out, pretty ingenious to reuse this simple laundry bag stand and turn it into a stylish modern table stand! Love it. But...I wonder how stable it is.

Maybe you've seen this, maybe you haven't.. but either way, hey it's pretty darn cool! The only thing I worry about is giving this all in one credit card to the server or salesmen and having them accidentally swipe it incorrectly!