Life Lately w/ the Yeh Girls // Part I

It's been a busy month of traveling and birthdays! After returning from two trips in May (one for Ed's college reunions, hence the matching shirts on the kids), we threw a birthday party for Maddie early this month and celebrated mine with close friends last weekend. We also attended a farewell event for our alma mater's (HKIS) lower primary section, which is scheduled to start renovations soon - we feel quite connected to the school as Ed attended from 5th grade (I didn't attend until 11th grade at the Tai Tam campus), my mom was in the first class of HKIS when it was founded in the 60s, and my granddad had a part in the design of the upper primary campus, not to mention that Ed and I wouldn't have met if we hadn't been in the same class there! Don't ask me why Maddie had to hike her shirt up for the photo though, haha.

- Trish
Look out for Part II tomorrow with Erin!