5 amazing ice-cream spots in LA

I got 3 wisdom teeth removed last week. Why 3 you ask? Well, the 4th one just never showed up! It's been 7 days and I'm still struggling with the pains and aches from my jaw to my head. Worst of all, I've been craving all this food that I'm not supposed to eat! You want what you can't have... They say I have dry socket.. which is when there's a hole in the bone where the teeth were removed and it'll take a few more days to heal. :( teeth pain sucks.

So I wanted to share some of these amazing ice-cream spots in LA that I've been dying to try - since I can definitely eat ice-cream! Besides.. I've been staring at so many boxes of sweets at home that my friends have given me for my birthday I wanted to pay tribute to them! :)

mmmm ice-cream (love all these different spoons!)
churro ice-cream sandwiches (where is this other than the food fest?)
salt and straw from portland
Black Sesame & Apricot Sorbet