about us

Hello friends! Welcome to Hey Yeh, a space to find inspiration for crafts, photography, recipes, decor and other favorite things from the Yeh sisters. 

btw, "Yeh" is pronounced "yay". :)

In 2008, while Courtney was still studying at Syracuse U, she started Hey Yeh to keep her family and friends from back home (Hong Kong) up to date with what she was doing.  Slowly, it became a platform to share her passions and hobbies with her friends and other artists that love the same things. And then, Courtney decided that it would be a great idea if Erin (her sister) would accompany her in sharing their passions. 

Separated by the huge pacific ocean, Erin currently lives in Hong Kong and Courtney lives in Los Angeles. They stay connected through Whatsapp, Skype, Hey Yeh and work (they both work in the same dept at Sony)!