Textures at Home

There's so many ways to add texture to your home. My favorite is this first photo - where there's greenery throughout the living room, but also in the paintings. It gives a very warm and welcoming feeling. If you know me, you know that I have a black thumb, which means I've killed all the plants that I've ever owned. My succulents are barely surviving at the moment.



Basket Design


Funky Tiles


A Touch of Fur


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New year! Same me... Somehow it already feels like it's March. 


This year, I want to focus on patience. I've been listening to a few seminars about Millennials and one of the complaints is that we're really impatient. And.. I agree. So I'm going to try and slow down and enjoy boredom once in awhile, enjoy the DTLA noises, and spend time sitting with no phone and no TV around me. How long can I last? How long can you last?


Photographer: FENG
Coat - Shein | Top - Madewell | Pants - Finders
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Over Christmas, my family and I took a one day trip to Macau. We spent the day exploring old town, and rode the Ferris Wheel at the Studio City hotel. We finished the night with the Dancing Water Show (similar to Cirque Du Soleil).  

Coming from Vegas, Macau felt cleaner, more spacious and had less crazy people roaming the streets. I think most people that go to Macau are strictly there for gambling or luxury shopping so the streets and the hotels were pretty empty. If you're planning a trip there, I definitely recommend visiting old town of Taipa, and don't forget to try their famous egg tarts and pork buns!


Coat - Madewell | Top - All Saints

Rues de HK

Streets of Hong Kong.



Every Christmas, I get to spend 2-3 weeks in Hong Kong with my family. And every year, we'll dress up and party together on New Years Eve - counting down and dancing the morning away till they kick us out. It is probably my favorite time of year. This year, for maximum dancing, flexible movement and little stress, I decided to wear a jumpsuit. Staying classy without having to worry about your dress being stuck in your underwear, or having to constantly pull it down every 5 seconds.

Happy New Year everyone and see you in 2017!


photographer: RY
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5 Must Dos This Holiday

1. Watch LA LA LAND
If you haven't already, you must see La La Land. Call me crazy but I've already seen this movie twice. It's beautiful, energetic, and majestic. It makes you want to live your life like a musical and live out your dreams. Great movie to put you in the mood for the holidays! (if you don't like musicals though, stay away)


2. Treat Yo Self
While you're spending money on gifts for your friends and family, why not treat yo self! It's 3 days till Christmas, and there are so many great deals. Here's some to get you started:

Nordstrom Designer Sale - Up to 60% off 
Madewell 20% off | Code: LATEBIRD
Asos 30% off | Everything
BCBG 40% off | Everything


3. Clean
I always say I need to clean, but I never get to it. Schedule one day at home, and clean out all those old, untouched clothes, papers, technology and allow yourself a new fresh start.


4. Read
This is another one that I don't make time for. I had a really good chat with my bro-in-law the other day, and we were talking about good business, fiction, magazines that we like to read. Try to spend at least 30 minutes reading something - whether it be on the can, before bed, or early in the morning. I find that if I don't work out or read in the morning, I won't do it at night.


5. Recap
Last but not least, I find it really fun to look back on the year and see what you've accomplished (and what you haven't). Flipping through photos and projects, or even Facebook and Instagram. What will you do differently next year and how are you going to hold yourself to it?


Simple and Stress-Free Holiday Table Settings

I am the worst at setting my table to look like a Pinterest photo. It's never worthy of Pinteresting. I believe in stress-free entertainment for the holidays, so I bring you 5 different table settings that are simple and easy to copy. Now you can have a Pinterest worthy table for the holidays! :) Also check out where you can buy some of these amazing dinnerware!

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How to Please Your Man's Wrist

Gifting season is here and every year I struggle to find something great for the men in my life - dad, boyfriend, brother-in-laws... This year, we partnered up with JORD to share with you the perfect gift - this unique, badass, and beautifully crafted JORD wooden watch. I gifted this watch to my boyfriend, but I'm thinking of getting one for myself or maybe I'll just borrow it from him from time to time :) Enter our giveaway to get yourself a free $25 gift card here! Happy gifting!


Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift card here!

The Hustler

Look 2 of our Alter Ego series - The Hustler. I had so much fun channeling my inner BadGalRiRi, and pretending I was in one of her music videos. I'm definitely sending these photos to that audition. It was my first time wearing a septum ring, which Gina warned me that it feels like a booger stuck on your nostrils constantly. Man... I couldn't stop fidgeting with it, and itching my nose. 

Again, big ups to this team of creatives - who pulled this look together in 15 minutes. We were very short on time but managed to get a handful of amazing looks. Look out for number 3 soon!


Photographer - FENG
Videographer - Jon Shih
Stylist - Ariana Armendariz
Hair - Gina Atkinson
Makeup - Joshua Masuda