Is it me or did this year go by in a snap? It's already over half a year, and we were only just writing down our new year resolutions. I feel like I've been running a marathon, and realized how much I need to schedule in a block of nothing. Meaning stay home, read, recharge, watch TV, eat healthy and sleep for 10 hours. Most of the time, we're so concentrated on ourselves, that we forget to look around, people watch, meet new friends, or read the news. I thank Hey Yeh and you guys for keeping me on track. It's really nice to have a platform to share my thoughts, my style and my work - and to recap at the end of the year and reflect on what I've been doing with my life. 

On that note, I did this photo shoot with Taya a few months ago. We had a full crew of people from makeup artist, to hair stylist, photographer assistant, and fashion stylist. We pulled off 4 looks in 4 hours with full hair, makeup and wardrobe changes each time. This series is my favorite - featuring Taya Rogers (model) wearing this whimsical and eccentric jacket from OTT

More series to come! 

Photographer/Direction: Courtney Yeh
Model: Taya Rogers
Photo Assistant: Jonathan Shih
Hair: Yuichi Ishida
Makeup: Josh Masuda
Stylist: Ariana Armendariz