Alright friends! I'm finally posting the second part of the Taya series! I wanted to thank my group of amazing artists for coming and helping me with this shoot. This was the first time I organized and directed a whole crew of 6 (which is pretty small I think). It was great that everyone was proactive and owned their priorities with confidence. That's why we're coming together to do another shoot soon!

And of course thanks Taya for agreeing to shoot with me :) She's now busy shooting a TV show in Thailand. Funny story, we met at a fashion launch party in West Hollywood. I creepily walked up to her (like a sleezy dude trying to get some digits from a girl at a bar) and asked her why she looked so familiar. After 15 minutes of chatting, we then realized we had many mutual friends and I had seen her posing alongside them on the gram. And then this photoshoot happened :) haha. Sorry that story sounded so creepy. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this series.

Photographer/Direction: Courtney Yeh
Model: Taya Rogers
Photo Assistant: Jonathan Shih
Hair: Yuichi Ishida
Makeup: Josh Masuda
Stylist: Ariana Armendariz