Desert Vibes



It's been a whirlwind of a month. Where to start! My mind has been racing - uncontrollably bouncing from one errand, to another project idea, to something I have to do for work, and planning my trip to Korea with my sisters. It's like a pinball machine, where the ball ricochets off the different parts, lighting up and gaining points, but never rolling down the drain. I'm ready for it to roll down the drain! Despite of all that, I'm really excited for the next few months to come. Next week, I will be meeting my sisters in Korea, then taking a slight detour to China to meet my Vibrvncy team in Chengdu for a special project. More info to come later...

In honor of festival season, I wanted to showcase my favorite/most convenient outfit to wear - a 2 piece. You don't have to think about matching, easy bathroom access, and super comfortable to flail your arms and prance around. :)



photographer: FENG
two piece - shein