Hello! I’m back from my 3 month blog hiatus. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with social media, and how much content was blasting at me. I couldn’t really find inspiration, everything looked the same and all the algorithms were messing with the people that I really wanted to see. I found myself instantly retreating and minimizing how much I was checking all my platforms, and posting. But sometimes… a quick late lunch at shake shack with a friend, or a workshop with other creatives, and a core team of good friends to remind you to stay creative pushes you out the door again.

I’m excited to be back with a new outfit from Tobi! We’ve been having conversations about how your looks play a big part in how people perceive you in the workplace - no matter if you like it or not. I have a baby face and a very soft voice, so to balance it out, it's important for me to wear something more professional or more mature so that people take me more seriously. This is my work hard play hard outfit... Blazer for the day, cold shoulder for the night! Check out more of Tobi here!


Tobi - Satin Pants | Cold Shoulder Top | Stripe Blazer

Other goodies from Tobi: