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I've been looking for bluetooth earphones for quite some time now, and found this amazing brand that is sleek, good quality, and convenient. If you commute on public transportation everyday, like I am right now in Hong Kong, it changes your life! I'm always carrying 2 phones (work and personal) and jumping on calls morning and night, playing music or my morning podcasts. It's so nice to not have a wire dangling and getting tangled in your scarf, earrings, or accidentally getting hooked onto someone's arm during rush hour in the subway and yanked out of your ear. 

Thanks for finding me at the perfect time Sudio! :) Get yourself a pair on sudiosweden.com and use HEYYEH to get 15% off. They have so many other designs as well.. More colors below!


Simple and Stress-Free Holiday Table Settings

I am the worst at setting my table to look like a Pinterest photo. It's never worthy of Pinteresting. I believe in stress-free entertainment for the holidays, so I bring you 5 different table settings that are simple and easy to copy. Now you can have a Pinterest worthy table for the holidays! :) Also check out where you can buy some of these amazing dinnerware!

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Dinnerware & Details

As someone whose two greatest loves are food and conversation, you can imagine how much I love a good dinner party. Another favorite thing of mine? Functional tools that are beautifully designed... because you never feel bad for buying more! Check out these gorgeous dinnerware and ceramics bond to give you some major dinner party inspiration.

Hey Yeh - Dinnerware amp Details - 1.JPG
Hey Yeh - Dinnerware amp Details - 2.JPG
Hey Yeh - Dinnerware amp Details - 4 (1).JPEG
Hey Yeh - Dinnerware amp Details - 5.JPG

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4 Incredibly Useful Time Saving Apps


This app is my favorite. With a jam packed schedule and laziness after a long day at work, Instacart has saved me so much time and energy.  Get your groceries delivered within the hour or the time of your choice. I'll usually place my order before I set out for the day, and have them deliver when I get home at night. Click here to get $10 off and free delivery for your first order! Trust me, it's worth it!


Get your dry cleaning and/or laundry picked up and delivered back to you all nice, clean and ironed within a day. I haven't actually tried this one yet, but I am in the midst of gathering all the clothes I need to dry clean.


Purchase food or products from any restaurant or store from around the city and have it delivered within the hour. Whaatt! This just opened up a lot more options for take out! Wait... they deliver Starbucks too? I'm about to be super lazy..

Task Rabbit

Need help moving, cleaning your house, delivering a package or building your ikea furniture? Hire a wide range of people to help you get your tasks accomplished!