The Hustler

Look 2 of our Alter Ego series - The Hustler. I had so much fun channeling my inner BadGalRiRi, and pretending I was in one of her music videos. I'm definitely sending these photos to that audition. It was my first time wearing a septum ring, which Gina warned me that it feels like a booger stuck on your nostrils constantly. Man... I couldn't stop fidgeting with it, and itching my nose. 

Again, big ups to this team of creatives - who pulled this look together in 15 minutes. We were very short on time but managed to get a handful of amazing looks. Look out for number 3 soon!


Photographer - FENG
Videographer - Jon Shih
Stylist - Ariana Armendariz
Hair - Gina Atkinson
Makeup - Joshua Masuda