Apps Lovin'

A Free Way to Manage Your Money
I've tried several different apps to help manage my bank accounts and make sure I'm not overspending.
But in my opinion, the best app I've used so far is Mint.

Mint is free!
The great tools include:
1. Setting your own budgets for food spending, shopping, ulitities etc.
2. Setting long-term or short-term financial goals
3. Reminding you to pay the rent,  pick-up paychecks, and basically.. anything you want.
4. Making it easier for you to claim your taxes, or start a retirement fund.
5. Is always up-to-date with your bank accounts.

The great thing about free apps are.. you can try it.. if you don't like it... delete it!

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Want to make your photos come to life? You can create a stunning image that is part-photo, part-video right on your phone and share it with your friends with a few simple steps! Cinemagram $1.99 is a great iphone app that I recently downloaded to make funny or hipster looking gifs. 

Check out some of the featured cinemagrams on their tumblr.

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I usually like writing all my to-do lists in my notebook or on post-it notes because I like the action of crossing things out. But ever since I found this awesome app, I haven't touched my notebook since!

Clear, is a simple and fun to-do app for iphones that's more fun than games I've ever downloaded.
For only $1, you can make all your life to-do lists from just a few swipes, pinches, taps, and pull downs. 
Check it out yourself here