Weekend Tunes

Miike Snow's new CD is finally out!

I finally laid in bed last night and listened to all the songs.
But I must agree with Jeff that the best song is...

Bavarian #1 Say You Will

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good youtube version of the song, so the live version will do for now!
If you enjoyed the song, check out his CD on iTunes or Amazon.

Friday Beats -- 3

love love LOVE lemaitre.
I never really know how to pronounce their name but I love working to their music, chilling with their music and just bouncing to their music.

Lemaitre - 1:18

This is one of my favorites from their The Friendly Sounds Album released in 2010.
They just released a new CD on Jan 20th called Relativity.

Favorite on this album:
Lemaitre - Coffee Table

This song is just so uplifting. 
Just the right kind of mood for a sunny and warm day that turned gloomy and rainy after sunset.