Work Beats

I went to LA last week and met someone that gave me a whole new insite about music.
About dubstep, electro music, brostep, and things I've never known partly because iTunes just categorizes all electro music as "Dance" music whether it be Skrillex, Avicii, or Fun.

Anyway, I had a pretty hard time waking up this morning but I wanted to be productive for the rest of the day so I put on some music and started cleaning my room.

Burial is one of the artists that was introduced to me and I really enjoy listening to them when I'm working. There's no melody to sing along to but there's a catchy beat that just keeps me going.

I especially enjoy their 2007 release Untrue.

My favorite song is:

Now this is supposedly how dubstep started and what dubstep really is. Not the head banging stuff that we hear at house parties.