One of the biggest reasons why we moved to downtown was because of the convenience of walking and shooting. Like finding this wall two blocks down, and grabbing a Dunkin' Donuts on the way home from CVS and Whole Foods. Thanks to Whole Foods opening in the city center, we have an extra healthy meal option for the days we're feeling lazy & want to grab something quick (which is.. always).

The only downside of living in downtown is that not every street is safe and clean. My parking garage is across the street, and almost everyday I walk home to men catcalling, the homeless laying on the sidewalk, and sometimes even people throwing beer bottles and yelling gibberish. 

We're in the midst of deciding whether to move or not, but we can't seem to find a better location that is close to all the amenities without driving. Anyway, bad segue here but this is my "downtown let's go grab a beer" outfit - comfy night out in this plaid fuzzy cardigan. 

Photography by Jon Shih
Plaid Cardigan - Tobi
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