Had a phenomenal hen trip with my best friends last month and am still taking it all in (excluding my sisters this time… that will be another trip later).  Mind you this is my very first girls trip ever so was extra memorable.  We decided to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  It was the winning destination because it was on a few of our bucket lists, what we thought would be a great chill getaway from city life, and well, because I wasn’t exactly looking for a crazy bachelorette party that I’d want to forget… if you know what I mean.  We also stumbled upon a great flight and hotel package of course.

The trip started out with a bang as one of my friends flew from NYC to join us and surprised me in the corner of Pizza Express at the airport.   With her were personalized champagne flutes and some fun “Time to Chang” glasses which set the tone for the rest of the trip.  To sum it all up, we thoroughly enjoyed… each other’s company, the temples, the peace, the sunrise, the sun tans, the champagne, the naps, the poolside bar, the smiling Buddhas, the tour guide, the Tuk Tuks, the very insecure yoga teacher, the cheap and delicious food, the “how well do you know your fiance game” that got me drunk in minutes, the dancing, the cuddles, and the morning after breakfast, but above all – the loveeee. :D