The Fong House

Tucked behind a plethora of trees, flowers and bushes is a one story suburban home in San Marino, CA. When I first parked outside the house, I would've never guessed the interior was so modern and spacious. A few things that I love about it... First was of course being greeted by a little dog, Gizmo, barking at me until I reached down to pet him. Next, I immediately noticed the mixture of Asian and Western furniture throughout. And my favorite, the kitchen!'ll know when you see it...
Eames Chair!
I love the green stained cabinets, and how much light flows through. Such a great space for entertaining a close group of friends.
Gizmo's throne - LOVE this green rocking chair

This is only a handful of photos out of 200 that I took! Almost every corner I turned had something worth photographing - even the flower pots, the built in coffee machine and the decoration on the coffee table.