Sleeping in Comfort

As you get older, you look for good sheets, good mattress, nice bedframe and most importantly everything is cost efficient. I can't say that we've had good luck finding a good mattress yet, but I definitely found my sheets. Brooklinen offers several styles and thread counts - these are the luxe sheets bundle. I love that you can mix and match the patterns and colors to make your bedroom look fun and inviting! One to check off the list! Next - finding a good mattress. Any suggestions?


Leather Goes with Everything.

Leather goes with everything. I can't think of an outfit that a leather jacket doesn't go well with... This is the first week the weather has dropped below 20C, and I'm super stoked about the cold. It's always so exciting to dust off the sweater drawer and move those jackets to the front of your closet. Unfortunately, I didn't plan well for my winter stay in HK and left most of my jackets in LA. Fortunately, I was able to snag some swag from Pomelo to rock this winter. I'm going to have to get a new suitcase for when I move back after the New Year. 


8 Stripe Transitional Pieces for Fall

With all the back to back typhoons hitting Hong Kong, it's given me a lot of time to browse online and get prepped for my Fall closet. Somehow I find myself clicking save on a lot of striped items.. I like to describe stripes as "subtly striking". So I thought I'd share some of my striped Summer to Fall transitional pieces. Since I'm pretty sure this heat is not going anywhere for awhile... Fall? What Fall?

More items here!


Summer is here and things are just starting to get crazy! I've taken some time off the blog and had a good little detox from social media life. Some of you already know - I'll be moving back to Hong Kong for 5 months for an opportunity with my company, but more importantly to spend some quality with the fam. I've been slowly packing the 5 years I've spent in LA, and purging as much as I can. It's quite refreshing to see your life organized into boxes! 

I'm very excited for what's to come next and will update you as I take it week by week. 

I'm back for a bit with some fun polka dots! Hope you are all well and happy summer! :)


Photographer: Jon Shih
Top - Romwe | Pants - Asos | Sneakers - Nike