I finally upgraded my camera to the Sony A7II, and was so excited to test it out! So I called up my girlfriends to come work with me in the studio one night.  It's been awhile since I photographed, but getting back into photography is easy when you have a talented model + the best hair/makeup person in the industry helping you! :) I had a great time shooting/working with Renee and Gina for the first time! This was our impromptu idea at the end of the night that turned into one of my favorite series. Make sure to scroll all the way down and click on their names to check out their work!

model: Renee Kester
hair/make up: Gina Atkinson
photographer: Courtney Yeh

a day in a life of a fashion blogger

Had an awesome time working with these lovely ladies at this photo shoot, capturing a day in a life of a fashion blogger. It consists of hours of outfit planning the night before, early morning meet ups to do our hair and makeup, choosing a fun location to match our outfits, and doing quick outfit changes in tinted cars. Usually when I have these fashion shoots, I don't have a fancy hair and makeup artist, but it definitely makes a difference in the photos! 

Thanks to the talented photographer, Ty, who put this whole shoot together! 

photographer: ty levey
assistant photographer: paolo
makeup: sarah and claudia
hair: kai sos

Sneak Peek

I had yet another amazing time with R1Studios in Rochester. This time, I got to work with a young and talented makeup-artist, a rustic furniture store, some fun and full-out apparel and of course a brilliant photographer. Being acclimated to sunny California of just five months, I had already forgotten how cold New York gets! We were freezing our tushies off while trying to look good in front of the camera. 

While we wait for the prints to come out, here is a sneak peek!
You can check out more of R1Studios' work here!