Hey Yeh Takes LA / 2

Alright.. this is our last post on the sister's trip, we're just too excited for it if you can't tell. We finally finished editing the video and here are some of the highlights of what we did in San Diego and Los Angeles. I've also listed some of the places that we ate at and visited.. hope you enjoy it!

We got some really awesome recommendations from our friend Greg (lives in SD), who knew exactly where we wanted to go, thanks Greg!

San Diego
La Jolla
Whisknladle - brunch spot - flat breads were amazing

Little Italy
Civico 1845 - Great pasta, wine and service! Everyone who works there is Italian!
Juniper and Ivy - super industrial loft decor, and very interesting fusion menu. be sure to make a reservation over the weekend!
Extraordinary Desserts - So many choices of dessert! We went with the Au Chocolat... AMAZING

Coronado Island
Hotel Del Coronado - We ate at the sun deck bar of the hotel... Their fish tacos were bomb!

North Park & South Park
Tacos Perla - Didn't get to eat here but looked delish
Dark Horse - Little coffee nook with great iced lattes!
Daily Scoop - Great for an afternoon ice cream break

Favorite Shops
Pigment - think we stayed in this store for an hour admiring the decor and items they had
Progress - comfy custom-made couches in all colors, and little knick-knacks
Graffiti Beach - love their selection of clothes, jewelry and baby clothes!

Los Angeles
BLD - one of the best brunch spots! get the french toast or pancakes or eggs benedict or.. anything really

Chego - the pork belly bowl - we got some Chego to go, and ate at home while watching Aziz standup

Bottega Louie - waffles for brunch, portobello fries for lunch/dinner, and some macaroons to go
Black Top Coffee - relax in the sun with a cup of cappuccino, then head next door to poketo & alchemy works
Grand Central Market - a few favorites - Eggslut, Sticky Rice, DTLA Cheese
Shin-Sen-Gumi - ramen night
Plan Check - perfect sized burgers so you can enjoy cruller donuts w/ ice cream

Favorite Shops
West 3rd St - great food and boutiques - must stop by shopaholics sample sale
Melrose - favorites - paper doll, chantell (owned by the same family)
Poketo - home goods
Alchemy Works - full of leather goods, handmade jewelry, sunglasses and clothes

Hey Yeh Takes LA

If you have siblings, I encourage you to always keep up with them and try to make time to see them at least once a year, if not more. We all live quite far from each other and are embarking on very different parts of our own adventure, so we hardly have time to keep up with each other on the daily, which made this sister trip so important and so much fun!

We chose to stay in California because we wanted a nice and relaxing trip where we didn't have to worry about getting lost, language barriers, and pick pocketing. We took it easy, did a lot of shopping, eating, and spent time catching up! We have a video coming really soon to show you all the fun stuff we did, and all the yummy food we ate! I'm super excited about it, and hope you are too! 
Thanks Ashlyn for your apartment!
photographer: justfeng

Trish - sandals - tori burch | dress - finders keepers (similar here) | bracelet - rocksbox
Erin - top - french connection (similar here) | skirt - banana republic | bracelet - madewell, madewell
Court - top - addison (similar here) | shorts - american apparel | necklace - rocksbox | sandals - vince camuto

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Took a quick weekend trip to Sacramento. The city is small, but very beautiful and full of little quirks. We had a very eventful three days sight seeing, attending a dance battle, and shot the behind the scenes of an open field photo shoot that I can't say much about until the photos are out. We spent most of our free time in Old Sac, where it really felt like we were in an old western movie scene with cowboys and tumble weed. I didn't prep myself well for the cold weather, and came down with something the last day. After multiple airborne drinks, claritin-D and nyquil I'm feeling much better now!

white oversized sweater - zara | grey backpack - log on | infinity knit scarf - zara |
beige ballet flats - maud frizon


I went to London last week for a business trip.  The last time I was there, it was 2005 and I had gone during college spring break... I know what you're thinking, why London of all places? And it's true, London at that time of year was certainly not an ideal spring break destination, it was dreary and cold just like the north east where I was studying.  But my parents invited me, so why not.  Anyway, last week was fantastic.  I not only caught "what Londoners said" the nicest weather they've had in seven years, I was also there for the birth of the royal baby.  I managed to squeeze in some time to check out the touristy spots with my boss and I must say London is beautiful.

Sony Pictures office on the left!

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- E

LA Tourists

I finally got to be a real tourist of LA! Chris, Jon, Feng and I strapped our cameras around our necks, put on our I <3 LA tees and got on a tour bus to check out the lives of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. 

 We even caught the Step Up premiere at the Chinese Theatre.
Nothing has beat this sunset so far.