The Loft

It's been a super busy summer - out and about meeting new friends, reuniting with old, working with new artists, celebrating birthdays, changing hair styles, moving apts... and the list goes on! All in all, I'm very excited where this crazy adventure is leading me towards and I'm so thankful to be surrounded by supportive and optimistic friends who keep me going! :)
Anyway, we snuck in a quick fashion shoot before we moved all of our furniture in. Lovin' this jacket from Anthropologie. Very light-weight, and perfect for the summer/fall, and the print is very different from what I have in my closet. And these jeans? Dude... everyone needs a pair of these jeans.. super comfy and stretchy. If you're like me and you like sitting cross-legged at your desk, then these pants are for you!

jacket: anthropologie
jeans: madewell (hurry they're on sale!)
shoes: urban outfitters
white tee: madewell