Apartment Upgrade

I love these new items from Urban Outfitters! 

I've been eyeing a black piped clothing rack for awhile, and this one is the perfect fit! At first I wanted to build one - you know DIY style and get materials from Home Depot - but then I realized it was quite complicated and decided to get one already measured out! Love the copper details and the shelving.. I also added this rug to the front, to make the loft a little homier. 

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hey yeh -UOApt.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt3.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt4.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt7.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt8.JPG

I used this entertainment console as a workspace shelf. It fits perfectly under my big windows, and keeps all my papers very neat and hidden. 

Lastly I got these soft and cozy grey linens to light up the bedroom. I matched it with these blue tone posters.

hey yeh -UOApt9.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt10.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt11.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt12.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt13.JPG


Clothing Rack | Rug | Console | Linens | Pillowcases | Wall Art | Map | Jewelry Case

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Lofts with a View

This doesn't need much of an explanation. These spaces are just gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to live in them? They look beautiful with all that daylight shining in, but do you think it'd be a little scary at night when you look out and it's pitch black? I think I'd probably add some nice curtains just so I know no one's peeking in at night :)
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The Loft

It's been a super busy summer - out and about meeting new friends, reuniting with old, working with new artists, celebrating birthdays, changing hair styles, moving apts... and the list goes on! All in all, I'm very excited where this crazy adventure is leading me towards and I'm so thankful to be surrounded by supportive and optimistic friends who keep me going! :)
Anyway, we snuck in a quick fashion shoot before we moved all of our furniture in. Lovin' this jacket from Anthropologie. Very light-weight, and perfect for the summer/fall, and the print is very different from what I have in my closet. And these jeans? Dude... everyone needs a pair of these jeans.. super comfy and stretchy. If you're like me and you like sitting cross-legged at your desk, then these pants are for you!

jacket: anthropologie
jeans: madewell (hurry they're on sale!)
shoes: urban outfitters
white tee: madewell

A visit to Uncle Tony's Loft

We met Uncle Tony for the first time at his loft in the village of NYC. He and his wife fell into the category of "cool couple" the second we met them and stepped into their place.

Uncle Tony, an architect, designed and furnished the place with furniture he built - yup, everything from the counters, the book shelves, the bar, to the partition walls and the desks.  His wife on the other hand, a painter, adorned their loft with her own floral paintings.   There was a surprise behind every corner. We thought this was a must share!   

Entrance to the loft.
The study.
Everything he built in the kitchen
The Bedroom.
2nd open study & mini workout area by the back wall.
 Painting area.
The coolest bit of all... their giant removable swing.  
I wish I had a swing in my apt!