Shred the Mountain

Last month, I got to take a little time off from work and hit the slopes in Vail with my dad. It was a really nice getaway from the warm weather and just let loose in the mountains. Little did I know that it was going to be -20F! It was so cold many of the locals stayed in! By the time I landed back in LA, I was so grateful for the warm weather. 

The last time I skied before Vail was 3 years ago. So my first day was pretty rough, trying to remember techniques my dad had ingrained into my brain since I was young. Then reminiscing on those days when I "pizza-ed" all the way down or better yet, took off my skies and slid on my butt. 

This trip was a little different. I was skiing with my dad and a few of his buddies (who ski regularly). Uh uh.. no way I was going to let these "old-farts" school me! I was really determined to keep up with them!
With the new policy on the plane, I was able to keep my phone on airplane mode and snap some beautiful photos from above!
Day 1 - Gorgeous blue skies but -20F
Hitting the blacks and the double blacks.. Yikes!
Here's a quick little video I put together of my 3 days in Vail! Enjoy!