the things i'll miss the most

As I count down the days that I depart from HK, it scares me to think that this is it... no more school...
It feels weird thinking about leaving home again but this time, not to a familiar place. I'm going to a completely new city - new friends, new apt, and new job. I'm very excited for new adventures, opportunities and obstacles but at the same time, nervous that I'm going to miss the one thing that keeps me sane, safe and happy.. my family.

It has been one of the most relaxing and uplifting summers I've had so far. Although I was going through a lot these past few weeks, being with family always makes me forget my worries. Hanging out with my new niece, girls night out, big family dinners, home cooked food, hiking, and even working at my mom's office are the things that I'm really going to miss in 20 days. 20 DAYS?!?! Time flies wayyy too fast.