The Widow

It's that time of year to play dress up again. I am always so last minute about my Halloween costume.. We're 4 days away and I'm still not sure what to be! In honor of Halloween, I'm excited to share with you the first of our Alter Ego series. This series could not have been possible without this amazing team. They are my favorite friends to work with! Feng - Photographer, Jon - Videographer, Ariana - Stylist, Gina - Hair, Josh - Makeup. These guys are top notch and the top of their industries. I absolutely LOVE working with them. I hope you like this series in which I call The Widow. If you haven't figured out your Halloween costume yet, I hope this sparks some creativity! 

Photographer - FENG
Videographer - Jon Shih
Stylist - Ariana Armendariz
Hair - Gina Atkinson
Makeup - Joshua Masuda

Jewelry - LUVAJ
Dress - Fashion Forwards
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik