Velvet Accents

Velvet is not only back in fashion, but also back in interior design. Velvet can be sported in so many colors and styled in so many moods. It reminds me of my grandma's place, or when I visit my great Aunt's house. There's something cozy about velvet. Is it because it feels nostalgic or is it actually the style itself? Here's 7 picks of some of my favorite in home velvet accents. 


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apt therapy

I've always had a keen interest in interior design, following blogs and pinning ideas that I love. But when it comes to designing my own apt or room, it never comes out the way I want it to. Starring at a plethora of colorful linens, jars, pillows and beds at Ikea makes me forget all the ideas that I wanted to execute. 
Just wanted to share some blogs and ideas that I have for my next apt.

I just realized the hint of yellow in almost each picture! I swear that wasn't on purpose, I just love yellow. :)
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