Life Priority List

Make a list of what’s important in your life. Mine would probably contain family, boyfriend, friends, travel, career, sleep, health and food. Now separately, draw a circle and start pie charting these priorities. How big would your career slice be? How big would your family slice be? How about your boyfriend or girlfriend? How about your friends, the environment, money, sports or fashion?

Prioritizing your life is a super difficult task. When you look at your typical 24 hours a day, how much of your top priorities are in it?


These past 3 weeks, I was given the opportunity to go on a business trip back home to Hong Kong. I was so fortunate to be able to spend my weekends with my parents, my sisters and their families. This trip was quite meaningful to me, as I got to spend more time chatting with them about life, interests, passions and priorities. I usually go back for Christmas every year, but it’s so hectic we don’t actually get much quality time. I’ve always had family as a huge slice of pie in my chart, but it’s easy to de-prioritize when you live far away and go on about your robotic day of wake up, go to work, eat your meals, go to sleep. As you get older, you realize that these priorities are what makes you happy. Not to say that we should be upset by our daily routines, but to use this pie chart and reflect on our lives. Each day goes by so quickly and its a matter of time when your priorities change again.


There are different seasons throughout our lives, and our priorities change with them. When you’re younger, you may be more career driven, and when you have kids, they may take up 90% of your life. We can’t do everything all at once, and you can’t always reach your goals overnight. If we look at life in pie charts and change our goals throughout the seasons, we can make it more meaningful and fulfilling to the priorities that you want to give your time to. We all want a balanced lifestyle and we can try a little harder in giving time to what matters to us the most.

Family Photo Shoot #3

Ed and I planned another family photo shoot towards the end of last year as we realized we didn't have any nice shots of us as a family of four! Our last photo shoot with Melanie was when Avery was still in the "oven" (just had a quick look back - man, I forgot how huge my belly was! God really helps you swiftly forget so you can continue to have kids... haha). Check out some of the highlights from our latest shoot below, photos by Thomas Ng

Avery pre-snack
Avery post-snack


Life Lately w/ the Yeh Girls // Part I

It's been a busy month of traveling and birthdays! After returning from two trips in May (one for Ed's college reunions, hence the matching shirts on the kids), we threw a birthday party for Maddie early this month and celebrated mine with close friends last weekend. We also attended a farewell event for our alma mater's (HKIS) lower primary section, which is scheduled to start renovations soon - we feel quite connected to the school as Ed attended from 5th grade (I didn't attend until 11th grade at the Tai Tam campus), my mom was in the first class of HKIS when it was founded in the 60s, and my granddad had a part in the design of the upper primary campus, not to mention that Ed and I wouldn't have met if we hadn't been in the same class there! Don't ask me why Maddie had to hike her shirt up for the photo though, haha.

- Trish
Look out for Part II tomorrow with Erin!

Welcome to 2014!

So many wonderful things have happened to our family in the past month! I had such an amazing end to 2013. My schedule was so jam packed with activities I didn't even have time to breathe! I got to go home for 2 weeks and reunite with my family and friends. It was short with every minute well spent. With my jet-lag, it was very difficult to find the energy to stay awake but I wanted to make the most of it, so I would drink lots of coffee, power through the day with the family, then take a 10 minute nap after dinner and meet up with my friends at night. 
There was so much laughter and happiness shared, many fruitful conversations, and always over great food! I often get a little homesick after I leave, but this time was special, and it's taking me awhile to adjust back to LA life. So.. without further delay, I'll let my sisters announce the great news :D 
- Court
I couldn't agree more with what Court said, it was indeed an amazing and special holiday.  I originally expected it to be like all our other great Christmases  – the same fun parties, delicious family dinners, opening presents, but this year’s was definitely unique.  While the parties and celebrations remained the same, the dynamics have completely changed.  On Christmas day, we had the entire family in our living room opening presents - from our 90 year-old grandparents to Trish and Ed's new babies.  If you can't picture it, check out our little montage below for a glimpse into our day.  I think the highlight was watching Maddie spend at least half an hour opening and playing with each gift.  It was a nice change to have little ones around the tree.    

I was spoiled and received one too many great gifts, but nothing prepared me for the biggest of all – a proposal from my now fiance (still getting used to saying that word) Tim, my best friend of 14 years who has been there for me through most everything… even after I broke his heart in high school.  It was a "Yes" of course.

I am so grateful to have had such a lovely holiday surrounded by loved ones.  Hope ya'll had a good one too, and wishing you a fantastic 2014.

Lastly... WELCOME Avery and WELCOME Tim!

It's been a busy December at the Tsui household. We welcomed our newest member, Avery, to the family on December 4. She's proving to be quite the feisty one, which I should have seen coming considering how active she was in the womb! We also celebrated Ed's birthday with over 20 of our friends at our annual white elephant gift exchange/Christmas dinner (a rather competitive/intense affair), followed by a busy Christmas/new year season with family and friends. Last week, Ed and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary - he treated me to a relaxing spa treatment at Bliss and a decadent 8-course dinner at Gaddi's, probably one of the nicest restaurants I've been to in Hong Kong! What a huge blessing this season has been - thankful for what God has been doing in our lives, and wonderful family and friends. Looking forward to what 2014 holds!
Sister ♥
Maddie eating/attacking her own apple for the first time
The "Better than Sex" cake from Ms. B's Cakery (top left) for Ed's birthday - delicious chocolate truffle cake but not sure if it really lives up to its name. Maybe "Better-than-other-chocolate cakes" cake? Haha
1st course at Gaddi's: Sea bass tartar with cauliflower and caviar
4th course at Gaddi's: Poached egg with black truffle toast