Hallo Halloween

Halloween is back again! Do you know where you're going, what you're doing and what you'll be dressing up as? We haven't given it too much thought yet but we did scope around the internet for some inspiration. Some of my favorite ones are of course the creative parents that dress their kids up. 

And our favorite gif...

Here's some of the outfits we put together in the past!
We have large boxes of costumes we've kept over the years just for occasions like these! I must say all of Court's dance costumes really came in handy! Can you tell which ones they are? 
Trish & Ed - The most creative and committed! Favorite outfit will have to go to the disco divas on the right!
Maddie got to participate last year too as Carlos, the Hangover baby!
Erin - The skeleton, the disco chick & the ultimate geek, and wonder woman. 
Court - The lazy one... To the left is zombified lara croft, and in the middle is Skrillex. Can you tell?

What will we be this year?! Wait for it.... Wait for it....