Blogshop LA

I had the most awesome time assisting Bri and Angela this weekend at Blogshop LA! Blogshop is a two day Photoshop intensive for bloggers. They teach a plethora of basic and some advance techniques to make your blog look more professional and eye catching. I would definitely recommend the class if you are just in the beginnings of your blog, and want to learn how to do it like the pros! Although the class is 7 hours per day, time goes by pretty fast. Not only are you learning great tools for your blog, you also get a cute goodie bag, a scrumptious lunch, a networking platform and delightful surprises here and there! 
I wish I took this class when I first started blogging, because I went through a very steep learning curve. A lot of the things they taught I had to experiment and research myself in the early stages and then go back to my old posts to fix everything that was bugging me now! 
I find it super difficult to explain how to use Photoshop to beginners, but Bri and Angela did an AMAZING job organizing the curriculum! I even learned some new tricks myself! I left this workshop feeling very inspired. So happy I was given the opportunity to do this :)
Setting up...
Beautiful flower arrangements by Glasswing Floral
The pros...
Catering by Heirloom LA
sooooooo good
Inside the goodie bag!
Lovin my strawberry and dragon fruit Museum Nails
Blogshop ended with some summer fun!

Be sure to check out a class near your city, or you can always try their online streaming course too!