5 amazing ice-cream spots in LA

I got 3 wisdom teeth removed last week. Why 3 you ask? Well, the 4th one just never showed up! It's been 7 days and I'm still struggling with the pains and aches from my jaw to my head. Worst of all, I've been craving all this food that I'm not supposed to eat! You want what you can't have... They say I have dry socket.. which is when there's a hole in the bone where the teeth were removed and it'll take a few more days to heal. :( teeth pain sucks.

So I wanted to share some of these amazing ice-cream spots in LA that I've been dying to try - since I can definitely eat ice-cream! Besides.. I've been staring at so many boxes of sweets at home that my friends have given me for my birthday I wanted to pay tribute to them! :)

mmmm ice-cream (love all these different spoons!)
churro ice-cream sandwiches (where is this other than the food fest?)
salt and straw from portland
Black Sesame & Apricot Sorbet

Flower Market

Woke up super early to hit the downtown flower market with my friend last Saturday. It was a struggle to get up at 7am after a long time, and be bombarded by vibrant colors and smells with no breakfast in my tummy. But I must say, it was a great way to start the day! I felt super productive afterwards, getting an early start to my day.

Just a few tips if you are planning to go - parking is kind of difficult. There are several open parking lots around the block but they're not the best walk over. We were able to snag a spot on the street one block away. I would suggest going with a friend... If it's your first time around that area, it can be a little bit intimidating. Its $1 admission and flowers are crazy cheap! We got there around 8 and there were still a lot of options to choose from. When we were leaving, they were setting up a farmer's market right outside with food and drinks, but we were in a hurry to leave before our meter was up! 
funfetti flowers?
Don't these roses look like brussel sprouts and cabbages?

Find more info here!


I had a crazy, frustrating weekend - trying to deal with big corporations with horrible customer service. After two days of wasted time, numerous phone calls back and forth, and a lot of waiting around, I've finally moved to downtown! Woohoo! We spent till 4am last night unpacking and it's starting to look really noice! 

In honor of DTLA, I wanted to showcase a photo shoot I did with Melly Lee a few weeks ago around the arts district. We did the whole LA shebang - went to Urth Caffe, got a delicious Spanish Latte Granita, went to the bridge, frolicked in the sun.. oh ya know. 
These photos are all shot on film cameras. I chose basic colors with a flowy top to accent my gold shoes from anthropologie. Other than my favorite bright colors - orange and yellow, you can always find me in black and white. Gotta love the basics!!

Photographer: Melly Lee
Top: Old
Waxed Jeans: TopShop
Hat: Feng's
Necklace: Oh Hello Friend
Shoes: Anthropologie
Sunnies: Thrifted

Blogshop LA

I had the most awesome time assisting Bri and Angela this weekend at Blogshop LA! Blogshop is a two day Photoshop intensive for bloggers. They teach a plethora of basic and some advance techniques to make your blog look more professional and eye catching. I would definitely recommend the class if you are just in the beginnings of your blog, and want to learn how to do it like the pros! Although the class is 7 hours per day, time goes by pretty fast. Not only are you learning great tools for your blog, you also get a cute goodie bag, a scrumptious lunch, a networking platform and delightful surprises here and there! 
I wish I took this class when I first started blogging, because I went through a very steep learning curve. A lot of the things they taught I had to experiment and research myself in the early stages and then go back to my old posts to fix everything that was bugging me now! 
I find it super difficult to explain how to use Photoshop to beginners, but Bri and Angela did an AMAZING job organizing the curriculum! I even learned some new tricks myself! I left this workshop feeling very inspired. So happy I was given the opportunity to do this :)
Setting up...
Beautiful flower arrangements by Glasswing Floral
The pros...
Catering by Heirloom LA
sooooooo good
Inside the goodie bag!
Lovin my strawberry and dragon fruit Museum Nails
Blogshop ended with some summer fun!

Be sure to check out a class near your city, or you can always try their online streaming course too!

Unique LA

This is the second time I've been to Unique LA. This time, I had a little more time to chat with the vendors. It was so great seeing all these talented artists come together under one roof. I'm pretty sure I said, "What! You made that?!?" several times throughout the day.. Here are a few highlights!

Saw some familiar faces - our friends from neoclassics!
Tried some AMAZING Canadian Bacon Smores from Mallow Mallow.
In line for the hotties or in line for the free drinks?
Got to hang out with Ms. Fashionista @sukiestyles with her badass vintage hat and DIY dress.
Check out how she made this awesome dress here!