inspiring people // the sneaky ninja

I have always been empowered by this young man I met my second year of college. 
He isn't a man of words, but a man of artistic movement and hidden talents that would reveal themselves the more we spent time together.

Until you get the chance to enter his secret chambers (apt), where his electric piano comes to life, and the breath-taking paintings of dj sets, flowers, dragons and pandas neatly hang on the walls, you realize that he is not just a dancer and a martial artist. He is a ninja of the arts.

After being able to work and dance with him for 2 years, he is one of the most warm-hearted and thoughtful individuals you could meet. A few days before he left Syracuse for LA, he made every single member of our dance crew a little panda painting (his trademark) in the colors that reflected each member's personality. In addition, he included a personalized letter on the back that brought us all to tears. 

He recently posted about going to World of Dance and accidentally becoming a backstage photographer. He had the opportunity to meet some amazing people that could possibly change his life decisions.

Inspired by his motivation and experiences, I am excited to hear about his next endeavor. I'll be going to LA with his girlfriend(sorry ladies, he's taken) soon... Maybe I'll be apart of his next adventure!

I am so glad I have a friend like Ninjon.

photos taken from ninjon's tumblr.
Check out more of his artworks, photography, and stories here.