The New Collection by Ikea

I am super excited about Ikea's newest Stockholm Collection. It's fun, bright and supposedly very durable. It launched in Europe in April and only recently launched in the US. Inspired by the 50s and 60s, designer Ola Wihlberg wanted The Stockholm Collection to be like a family. "Each piece is individual but held together by a common thread". This collection is definitely competing with the specialty furniture stores in regards to its quality, design and low prices.
I must say, I love it! The collection is cohesive in terms of palette, style and shape. I love the natural wood and the matte finishes on some of the items, and I especially enjoy the yellow and green accents in the cabinet and the chairs. As for the durability? I'm not quite sure.. so let me know if you get your hands on one of these items!

In my experience, I tried to take apart a bed frame when I was moving and one of the latches to secure the screw was stuck. I asked 2 of my guy friends to try and pull it apart but it wouldn't budge, the boards wouldn't even break! (stupid me) I realized I needed to turn the latch till I found the sweet spot and slowly wiggle it out. Soo.. I would say it's probably pretty durable!