Pimp Your Ikea

Have you heard of Superfront? This Swedish company manufactures beautifully crafted fronts, legs, handles, sides and tops that fit the common Ikea furniture. They offer you the opportunity to pimp out your Ikea cabinets, dressers and table tops and make it look stylish and fancy! 
Superfront prides themselves in using classic and high quality materials including brass, copper, leather and birch that is worth far more than its cost. They have carefully selected the color palette and created a large selection of sideboards that range from patterned to plain colors. 
Absolutely loving these gold and rose gold handles on white!
They are currently delivering all handles and legs only. You can select your region on the top left corner of their website to see what items are available to be shipped to your home!

photos from superfront | pinterest


Last Sunday, we closed our laptops, gathered a stack of books at Barnes and Nobles and just read till the sun set. It was so much fun! I picked up some magazines but mostly enjoyed my time browsing interior design books. I wanted to share some spaces that I found the past week from my activities and from pinterest/books!
This awesome kitchen and bathroom belongs to the amazing space at the unique space that I got to see in person when I went to take a designlovefest workshop this weekend. If you need a place to host a party, definitely check them out!
Lovin the white tiles and shelves at juice served here. The juice is very good too ;)
I want this now!!! Great trunk, statue, posters and of course.. the record player - found in a book (forgot which one)
Headboard Ikea hack from sugar and cloth
Next decor post will be about Ikea hacks :)

The New Collection by Ikea

I am super excited about Ikea's newest Stockholm Collection. It's fun, bright and supposedly very durable. It launched in Europe in April and only recently launched in the US. Inspired by the 50s and 60s, designer Ola Wihlberg wanted The Stockholm Collection to be like a family. "Each piece is individual but held together by a common thread". This collection is definitely competing with the specialty furniture stores in regards to its quality, design and low prices.
I must say, I love it! The collection is cohesive in terms of palette, style and shape. I love the natural wood and the matte finishes on some of the items, and I especially enjoy the yellow and green accents in the cabinet and the chairs. As for the durability? I'm not quite sure.. so let me know if you get your hands on one of these items!

In my experience, I tried to take apart a bed frame when I was moving and one of the latches to secure the screw was stuck. I asked 2 of my guy friends to try and pull it apart but it wouldn't budge, the boards wouldn't even break! (stupid me) I realized I needed to turn the latch till I found the sweet spot and slowly wiggle it out. Soo.. I would say it's probably pretty durable!

Let's Get Organized

Waking up every morning at 6 in the morning from jet lag has given me a lot of time to get my life organized. My room is ten times cleaner than when I left it in December. I convinced my mom to leave work early to go Ikea shopping with me yesterday and came home with bags full of goodies. 
I'm going to make my room so cozy that I won't want to leave for LA!
 I love mason jars!
 Started to write again - jotting random notes down, creative ideas, and memorable moments.
 Bought some awesome plant buckets from Ikea and organized my bangles and bracelets.

 Dug up some old artwork from high school and put them up!
 Buckets for makeup!

 In love with these boxes! Super easy to put together and works perfectly for my scarves and other knick knacks.
Turned an old CD holder into an earring rack!