The Park | NYC

When we were visiting NYC a few months ago, our friend Matt brought us to The Park in Chelsea with the coolest decor! The restaurant/lounge has five unique spaces. Starting on the first floor is the main dining area with a fun retro design. Behind the restaurant is a warm, red speakeasy with funky chairs and lanterns hung from the ceiling. Walk out to the beautiful indoor garden where we sat to eat lunch. By the garden is the atrium where you can enjoy the fireplace and feel the sun gleaming in through the glass ceiling. Head on upstairs to the penthouse and sip on a cocktail while enjoying the view of the High Line. 

My pasta and brussel sprouts were scrumptious, but the sandwich was a little dry. But I really enjoyed being in the space while no one was in there. And you should definitely check it out at night! It's bustling with urbanites and the space is filled with great music!
photos by Courtney Yeh

- C

NYC // Part II

It was mostly cloudy the few days we were there, but none-the-less I felt like the gloom fit the city. When I arrived early in the morning, my best friend from college took me to brunch (of course) at a place in Brooklyn called Cafe Ghia.  It was pretty bomb. They put waffles on top of bacon and eggs, and lots of melted cheese on roasted potatoes. Then we made our way west to Dumbo, where we got to see the beautiful glass house by Tom Fruin, and lots of girls wearing short skirts doing a photoshoot in the snow.. (what?)  

Here's a list of places we ate at...
Brunch at Cafe Ghia
Dinner with Feng's cousin at Bozu in Williamsburg. A little pricy but amazing sushi.
Late night Joe's Pizza after the bars. It's where they shot Spider-Man!
A quiet dinner date with my bestie at VinoTapa in mid-town. 
Another late night munchies at Artichoke.

On the last day, a bunch of us decided to bring our cameras out and make it a shoot day, so we started down in Chelsea and made our way up the highline. We stumbled upon the Gotham set and they were nice enough for us to shoot right outside! 

Thank goodness for Heattech! This Uniqlo coat has Heattech lining and I'm also wearing a Heattech long sleeve underneath the sweater. 
The last stop we made was the new PATH station down by ground zero. 
You should check it out if you ever visit NYC!
Fashion Photographer: Matt Wong

Coat - Uniqlo | Sweater - Gap (similar here, here) | Jeans - Zara | Hat - Target 
Watch - Komono | Sunglasses - Warby Parker | Tote - Madewell

Here are some similar items

NYC // Part I

It was sooo cold in NYC! I really don't know how I survived 4 years in Syracuse... haha. I had a blast visiting the city and catching up with old friends.  Every time I go, it's a different experience and this time I got to explore several new restaurants, shows and art exhibits with Feng.  On top of all that, we ate so much pizza... so much... I mean... We went to 3 different spots in 4 days..
My photographer friends also took me around to see all the new spots - which you can see some of the highlights on my instagram. I'm glad I left the city right before it hit 9 degrees but I'm sad I missed NYFW and the All Star basketball game!
I wore this plaid jacket a few times. It's surprisingly warm, but it also probably helps that I'm wearing 4 layers underneath. haha.. That's definitely the key to staying stylish and warm... LAYERS!!
Part II will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

photos by Feng

Jacket - Gap (it's sold out, but I also like this & this) | Jeans shirt - Target (similar here) |
Tote - Madewell | Scarf - Aldo (similar here, here) | Jeans - TopShop | Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

What to Bring to a Holiday Potluck: Prosciutto and Fig Crostini

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I'd share a simple recipe that even those of you who use your oven as extra storage space (girl can never have enough room for her shoes!) can easily bring to a potluck.
The best part about it? 

It looks so presentable, no one will have ever need to know that just the other day, you had to YouTube how to boil pasta. 

Baguette, Goat cheese, Fig jam, Arugula, Prosciutto

1. First slice the baguette. 
I generally like to slice the baguette at a 45 degree angle to maximize the surface area.

*If you're feeling extra fancy, feel free to warm the baguette slices in the oven with a brush of olive oil and a dash of sea salt. 

2. Spread goat cheese and fig jam onto the sliced baguette.

3. Layer a ribbon of proscuitto on top.

4. Followed by a leaf or two of arugula.

And voila - there you have it! Prosciutto, Fig, Arugula and Goat Cheese Crostini - perfect for fooling your friends into thinking you're a pulled together, domestic goddess of an adult. 

For more thirty minute meals - feel free to hop on over here!

 Photos and article by Jenn from That Working Life

five minutes with @fashiongrandpas

My name is Christina Belchere, I was born in the United States but I grew up overseas in Hong Kong. I have been living in NYC for almost 3 years now. I work in Fashion PR for LVMH. 

When did you start Fashion Grandpas, and how did you come up with the idea?
I started fashion grandpas a few months ago... I think it was April 2014 - It was one grandpa I saw one day that was the most incredibly dressed and sassiest man on the street. Working in menswear, I always look for inspiration on the streets. After noticing a few more throughout the day I wondered if this was a "real thing" - "this" being "fashion grandpas". Are there actually a population of incredibly dressed senior men concentrated in New York? From my collection of street photography - the answer was yes - more than I had originally anticipated- and not just in New York, turns out they are all over the world. The portfolio started to look marvelous. I feel in love with seeing them every day and photographing them and publishing their image. The most shocking part, after realizing that "fashion grandpas" wasn't already a thing, was how positive people responded to the idea after I had created it! 
How does it usually work? Do you ask them if you can take their picture, or do you walk by and snap a pic secretly?
I would say I do a bit of both. I set up photo shoots if the subject is not available right then and there, or if I am the one that is busy rushing to something - I take a sneaky shot. I often like the unplanned, sneaky shots the best. I often get the most likes on the "unplanned" street shots too. I think my fan base likes the idea of being incognito on the streets noticing all the fashion grandpas. I like to sometimes keep their "stories" secret. It is the way that they dress that allows your imagination to run wild. That is kind of the point of dressing nice - you could be anyone. 
What are some upcoming projects that you're working on?
Upcoming projects I am working on are the fashion grandpas blog. It is in the works but it is going to be a multi dimensional site. I am currently working on a page for all of my fans who email me and/or tag their grandpas, a page for my street photography, a page for my interviews and photo shoots, and one for my regular NYC photography. Half the battle is getting out on the streets with my camera and getting the images I need. That has proven to take time. 
What's your goal with Fashion Grandpas?
Eventually I want to set up an e-commerce page for the site as well, along with a book and a documentary and a line of clothing. dream big right!?! Grandpa inspired cashmere sweaters and cardigans, glasses, frames and hats. I would LOVE to do a collaboration with happy socks and Birkenstock. Socks with Birkenstocks aren't just for the Olsen twins - Grandpas love it too. 
There are a few collaborations in the works for apparel but I cannot go into too much detail yet unfortunately... :) I have a page in a coffee table book coming out in Urban Outfitters this October! 

What's your favorite picture and why?
It is probably the worst quality photo with the worst editing - but it was my first fashion grandpa picture. his navy beret, his entire being, his standing in the middle of the road on one of the busiest (not to mention most stylish) cross streets of new york with zero f*cks given. effortlessly chic. unexpected. I envisioned myself or an editor wearing a quilted jacket like that and a navy beret, or an editor, and i thought - wow that is actually a pretty dope outfit. 

Follow Tina @fashiongrandpas and watch out for her blog and upcoming projects!!