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This reminds me of one of my assignments from an art class back in junior year of college - our professor wanted us to "fill a space". This would have been a really cool idea to do! I ended up felling my belly button with a bunch of random things and documenting it on a huge grid - maybe I'll post it sometime if I manage to find some pictures of it! My favorites from this artist are probably the origami fan ones (I love the third one for its colors and the water and rope one for its creativity) and the paper clip one (how did she climb in there?) The one with the rats and the caterpillar one kind of gives me the chills...! 
- Trish

My parents always told me that one of the most important things to think about before you renovate your apartment is where you'd like your safe to be and whether it needs to be part of the reno.  The best safes in the house are apparently things that don't look like safes, and placed in spots that don't seem safe!  This guy shares a really creative idea, but if you really think about it, I would say best for hiding only kids Halloween candies as he suggested, nothing much more than that since it can't be locked and a housekeeper would probably find that within the first month on the job =p. 
- Erin

My friend showed this to me about 2 years ago but I recently thought about them again. If you're down for a good laugh, you need to watch this! These two guys are hilarious! If you've got the time, you should also check out their other videos! Another favorite of mine is the Finger War. 
- Court


If you haven't already, you must subscribe to SOUL PANCAKE on youtube!
Rainn Wilson, the Emmy-nominated actor, well known for his comedic role as Dwight Schrute in the TV Show The Office "invites you to open your heart without feeling like an idiot." 
SoulPancake is a platform that allows their audience to explore topics that matter - religion, creativity, politics, humor, life, and art. SoulPancake not only shares real stories and short films about others, but allows the audience to send in their own "stuff" to contribute to the plethora of activities, conversations and ideas they want to share. 

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