Family Photo Shoot #3

Ed and I planned another family photo shoot towards the end of last year as we realized we didn't have any nice shots of us as a family of four! Our last photo shoot with Melanie was when Avery was still in the "oven" (just had a quick look back - man, I forgot how huge my belly was! God really helps you swiftly forget so you can continue to have kids... haha). Check out some of the highlights from our latest shoot below, photos by Thomas Ng

Avery pre-snack
Avery post-snack


The Shift Dance Crew

Photo shoot for our spread in Medley Magazine.
Photos by Elizabeth Reyes. Check out more of her work here.

Unfortunately not everyone from the crew could make it out so only a few of us got to be photographed.
Thank you Shift for making college so rewarding and unforgettable. I had the time of my life laughing, EATING, dancing and messing around with you guys. All those cupcakes we baked for each other, the parties we hosted, the late night Tully's feasts, long hours of exhausting practices, shaking our booties in our hammer pants, messing up on stage, and all those hours we sacrificed just to spend time with a family that shares the love for dance. 

But of course, I couldn't feature Shift and not include everyone...
These photos below are from my amazing friend Jon Shih.

 We've been through so much to get to where we are today.
 Losing our most sassy and bad-ass member of The Shift - Marinna Khon (1988 - 2010). 
We miss you so much and will always remember the way you WORKED on stage.
 Experimenting with LCD lights and making costumes for hours.
 Teaching dance at Relay For Life and walking out of the dome at 6am like zombies.
 Getting ready for Elements of Hip-Hop.
 Opening for Tim Be Told.
Of course our favorite thing to do - eat cupcakes and celebrate birthdays!
Sharing the stage with the b-boys.
 Hosting workshops for Cuse dancers.
I love you guys and will always hold our memories close to my heart! :)

photoshoot with lois greenfield

I am so lucky I got to be apart of the photo shoot with Lois Greenfield!
Check out some of her photographs from this post I blogged a few days ago.

A photography class was getting one-on-one help from her and I got to be one of the three dancers to be photographed.
We got to jump on a trampoline, play with colorful dresses and create amazing shapes with scarves!
 I don't have the photographs yet but here are some behind the scenes photos.