lois greenfield workshop

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to work with Lois Greenfield, an eminent dance photographer from New York City. She was invited to teach a workshop for photography majors, giving them tips and hints on how to best capture movement of people and objects.
 I also met three very talented high school dancers in Syracuse that wowed me with their awesome dance moves. 

Check out behind the scenes here!

photoshoot with lois greenfield

I am so lucky I got to be apart of the photo shoot with Lois Greenfield!
Check out some of her photographs from this post I blogged a few days ago.

A photography class was getting one-on-one help from her and I got to be one of the three dancers to be photographed.
We got to jump on a trampoline, play with colorful dresses and create amazing shapes with scarves!
 I don't have the photographs yet but here are some behind the scenes photos.

dance photography

Extraordinary works by Lois Greenfield
Check out her website here for more photography!

Lucky for me, I will be meeting her on Thursday and will be photographed by her!
If you are in Syracuse, you should come check out her workshop Thursday from 1:30-5pm at the Schaffer Auditorium.