Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is next week! Danielle, Ashlyn and I decided to host Friendsgiving lunch/dinner (lunner?) last weekend, before we all head our separate ways. We all were in charge of different dishes, but since Feng and I hosted it at our loft, we decided to tackle the Turkey for the first time ever. Yikes. On top of that, I had sprained my ankle the night before, so cooking, cleaning and getting ready was not easy! I must say, we managed to pull it off, and the turkey turned out pretty good, but my girlfriends are way better cooks than I am! They brought some bomb-a** mac and cheese, candied yams, cheesy mashed potato, stuffing, and pumpkin cheesecake. Mm mmm! No one wanted to take leftovers, so we've been eating Thanksgiving breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 4 days. haha.. 

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, who provided us with some amazing products to use for our Friendsgiving! It really made our dinner next level with the cocktail kit, the record player and cute outfits. The girls attempted to make cocktails (which failed horribly), and the boys sat around watching sports and listening to Michael Jackson on the record player. Our special guest was Baxter (Danielle's dog) who pretty much stole the show. Thank you to my friends who bared with me while we cooked food, prepped the table and had a photo shoot at the same time. I would say we had a very successful first Friendsgiving in LA! 

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Photos by Allan Lin, Courtney Yeh, Ryan Feng


What we wore:


Hi guys, how was your Halloween? I posted a photo on my instagram of what Feng and I dressed up as. I was a black and white photo of skele-fied Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Feng was a lion (long story short, it was a theme between the Quest guys). Check it out here!

It's been cooling down here in LA, so I don't feel so silly posting these photos anymore :). 
Here's the second fall/winter look that I put together for Urban Outfitters. I am loving this green plaid jacket! It has an A-line cut, which makes the outfit more feminine. I paired the jacket with a longer top so the color can peep below. I also didn't realize I was wearing Christmas colors - how perfect for the holiday season!
When we were taking these photos, it was probably the day the weather changed. We were on top of the hill suffering from 20mph wind. I tried really hard not to show that I was cold, or that my hair was flying all over the place! 
photographer: justfeng
Top - UO | Jacket - UO | Jeans - Forever21 | Boots - Asos

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Fall Sweater

It's not cold enough here in LA to wear a knit turtleneck sweater and socks with booties, but I just got too excited about the cold weather and all these amazing clothes! We teamed up with Urban Outfitters to bring some fun Fall/Winter looks. Here's one of my favorites - knit sweaters with a big turtle neck (it's on sale right now, check below!). I can't stress how soft and cozy this top is and I love this shade of grey. It also really brings out the camel color of the boots. After taking these photos at home, I really wanted to go to work in this outfit, but it was seriously 85 degrees outside... mmm nope! Feng and I are traveling north in a few weeks, hopefully it'll be cold enough to rock some of these outfits!

*to my OCD friends, the boots are clean (straight from the box), and no coffee was spilled on the bed during this shoot :)
photographer: justfeng
Boots - UO | Sweater - UO | Jeans - Zara | Socks - Gap (similar here)

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Apartment Upgrade

I love these new items from Urban Outfitters! 

I've been eyeing a black piped clothing rack for awhile, and this one is the perfect fit! At first I wanted to build one - you know DIY style and get materials from Home Depot - but then I realized it was quite complicated and decided to get one already measured out! Love the copper details and the shelving.. I also added this rug to the front, to make the loft a little homier. 

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hey yeh -UOApt.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt3.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt4.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt7.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt8.JPG

I used this entertainment console as a workspace shelf. It fits perfectly under my big windows, and keeps all my papers very neat and hidden. 

Lastly I got these soft and cozy grey linens to light up the bedroom. I matched it with these blue tone posters.

hey yeh -UOApt9.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt10.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt11.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt12.JPG
hey yeh -UOApt13.JPG


Clothing Rack | Rug | Console | Linens | Pillowcases | Wall Art | Map | Jewelry Case

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92 and Sunny

Last weekend in LA didn't feel like March at all. It was 92 and sunny, so naturally everyone goes to the beach. It was also the LA marathon on Sunday so traffic was crraaazyy. Feng and I aren't really regular beach goers but we decided to make the trip out before everyone arrived to catch the sunrise. We didn't make it out by sunrise as you can see, but we were the first ones in the parking lot! Winners!
I'm loving these new rompers from the Amuse Society x Urban Outfitters collaboration! They're super easy to slip on and off, and the cotton is very soft and light. Have you ever had those days where you just don't want to put on pants? Well these rompers would definitely come in handy! It looks great when you pair them with a fun bikini like this floral one, giving it an extra pop of color.

photographer: justfeng

Black Crochette Romper - UO | Bikini - UO | Hat - UO | Cotton Romper - UO
Bag - JCrew | Flip Flops - Havaianas | Sunglasses - Komono

- C