A visit to Uncle Tony's Loft

We met Uncle Tony for the first time at his loft in the village of NYC. He and his wife fell into the category of "cool couple" the second we met them and stepped into their place.

Uncle Tony, an architect, designed and furnished the place with furniture he built - yup, everything from the counters, the book shelves, the bar, to the partition walls and the desks.  His wife on the other hand, a painter, adorned their loft with her own floral paintings.   There was a surprise behind every corner. We thought this was a must share!   

Entrance to the loft.
The study.
Everything he built in the kitchen
The Bedroom.
2nd open study & mini workout area by the back wall.
 Painting area.
The coolest bit of all... their giant removable swing.  
I wish I had a swing in my apt!